ONE Question That Finds Out If Someone is a Narcissist

Ever had to deal with someone who is excessively in love with him/herself?

According to the video published by New York Magazine, there is ONE simple question that can tell you whether or not someone is a narcissist.

But first, how do you define Narcissism?

Well, scientists identify narcissist as people with 3 specific traits.

1. Unrealistic Sense of Superiority

2. Entitlement

3. Lack of Empathy

So what is that ONE question you can ask to a person to find out if he/she is a narcissist?

Simple! Isn't it?

Surprisingly, it's been proven that long narcissism assessment test and simple one-question assessment test reveals a almost identical results.

The research suggests that narcissists aren't afraid of admitting that they are egotistical and self-focused!

Check out the video.

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